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We're so excited to get you started on Liberty, that we are offering 6-month subscriptions for ONLY $75.00 each! (regularly $95.00) ONE-TIME, LIMITED OFFER! Don't let this opportunity pass!

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The Equine Liberty SportsTM Subscription Program,

presented by Equine Liberty Sports founder, Leslie Nichols

What is the Subscription Program? Equine Liberty Sports offers 6-month subscriptions into the incredible world of Liberty where you teach your horse Liberty, learn how to become a Liberty handler, and expand your horsemanship in new and incredible ways! FAQs on the Subscription Program.

What do I receive? During each 6-month subscription period you will receive:

  • Unlimited viewing of tutorials that have been released. Tutorial Video Previews.
  • Unlimited viewing of tutorials that are released during your subscription period, for the duration of that period.
  • Seamless streaming of tutorials on your mobile devices (with wifi or Unlimited Data Connection).
  • Membership to the Liberty Handlers Arena, a private area of the website that offers on-going tips, exercises, creative ideas, and bonus lesson videos which are added continually. FAQs for the Liberty Handlers Arena.

How do I renew? Near the end of your 6-month subscription period, you will be invited to renew your subscription. Equine Liberty Sports will be rewarding Liberty Handlers who want to progress with the program by offering discounts and other incentives.

How much does it cost? Equine Liberty Sports is currently offering a Launch Special of $75.00 for a 6-month subscription (regularly $95.00).

Subscriptions can be purchased with most major credit cards or Paypal


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