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Liberty lessons... right at your fingertips! When you subscribe to the Equine Liberty Sports teaching program, you will be able to watch full-length teaching tutorials on your computer or mobile device. New tutorials are released continually.

Want to know what's presented in each tutorial? Check out these sneak peek previews. More are added all the time.

Preview of Lesson 1: Be With Me, Come To Me

Welcome to the start of a new adventure, a new journey, a new dimension to your horse experience! Lesson 1 presents two principles that make Liberty possible and gets the fun started!

Preview of Lesson 2: The Send, Engage

A foundation is being set, one lesson at a time, Lesson 2 presents the third very important teaching principle: Go Over There. Experience the lead dance position for the first time!

Preview of Lesson 3: Early Dance Steps

There are two dance partners in Liberty, the horse and the handler. In this tutorial we turn the focus to you, the Liberty handler. Dig out (or download) your favorite dance tunes for this tutorial!

Preview Lesson 4: Magnetic Pull, Watch Me

Your horse is focused on you, staying with you- we' ve named this attraction the magnetic pull. Begin a communication with your horse's shoulders that lays the foundation for future dance work in the first Watch Me exercises.

Preview of Lesson 5: Purpose, Independence

The change of direction makes sand-dancing possible! The send from the hip position creates a brand new communication for freestyle play and circle work that transfer to Liberty effortlessly! Liberty moves into a wide open area and The Get Liberated! exercises offers a sneak peek into The Trust Through Confidence exercise level in Phase II of the program.

Preview of Think Positive! Pt 1, Pleasure Motivates

When you take the lines of your horse... she doesn't have to do anything for you! And yet you can inspire her, promote your ideas, and do incredible things. Positive Reinforcement is the key to Liberty and this tutorial explains how, when and why pleasure motivates horses.

Coming Soon!

Lesson 5: Purpose, Independence

Watch Me exercises advance to change of direction exercises. The 4th teaching principle, Move! is introduced. A new exercise level, The Supple, Dancing Horse is introduced.

Lesson 6: More Purpose, More Independence

Watch me exercises are advanced again with obstacle courses, with a focus on the Pointing Finger cue. Liberty Lessons make a considerable leap!


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