Liberty training is still breaking new grounds in the horse community, so when I need inspiration, a new way of looking a things, a sense that “I’m not alone in my efforts to bring new ideas to the world” …this is where I go: The very popular features inspirational and often jaw-dropping talks from movers and shakers, innovators, and thought–leaders from the fields of art, science, politics and more. If you haven’t visited, go there now. If it’s been awhile… visit again soon.

Some of my favorite speakers: Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi: Flow, the Secret to Happiness (explains a state of mind many of us experience with horses)

Steve Jobs: How to Live Before you Die

Frans De Waal: Moral Behavior in Animals


If you’ve been visiting the Equine Liberty Sports facebook page, you know that I’m a big fan of slow feeders What do I love about them? Horses grazing all day… horses eating together, creating social bonds... digestive tracts working the way nature intended… horses eating less sand (big problem in the “dirt lots” in Arizona, where Equine Liberty Sports is located) …. there’s not enough room to list the benefits. Horses are designed to graze… enough said. Slow feeding is a concept and there are many types of slow feeders. Slow feeding nets are probably the most common.

Eco-Nets offers a wide variety of sizes, and the netting is super durable–a real plus when you have a herd like I do. Go to to see what they offer.

For many other kinds of slow feeders, even ideas on slow feeders that you can build yourself, go to:


If you’re outside playing with horses, you’ve got to have a baseball cap- I think it’s the “rule” actually! But as long as you’re putting something on your head and trying to shield the sun… why not look stylish as well? Cowgirl Swank baseball caps do exactly what their name says: Add a little swagger to your everyday hat wear. They specialize in custom caps, but you can no doubt choose from their great design selection as well. (You could ask them to make an Equine Liberty Sports hat… if you’d like!) I wear my baseball caps all the time when I am rehearsing my horses for videotaping or advancing their training in the Equine Liberty Sports program. (They’ve been showing up in some video promos as well.) Cowgirl Swank caps have style, great colors, eye-catching animal prints and just the right amount of bling. And, very well constructed. Everywhere I go, folks comment on them! (Now if I could only do something about hat hair!)

Check out their almost endless selection of hat designs at :


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