Cuteness abounds! (And lessons straight from nature)

Yesterday we were videotaping for my new Introduction to Liberty video series, and we were lucky enough to be able to use a small band of wild horses (feral, to be accurate) as a backdrop. Most of the brief speaking shots referenced the lessons that we can learn by studying and appreciating the horse’s true nature. In this short clip, which is terribly cute, the foal in the background is away from its mother and is decidedly relaxed about everything. While my message speaks to the myth that horses are naturally aggressive and difficult, the darling and very “chill” foal offers a wonderful contrast to this misunderstanding about equus.

Yes, horses are physical and yes they do fight. But the overwhelming majority of their time is spent displaying cooperative and relaxed behaviors. Physical displays are resolved usually quickly and if problems persist, herd members may leave and join another group… because herds that are in conflict do not do as well as herds that are more harmonious. It’s not survival of the fittest.. it’s survival of the most cooperative!

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