Don’t Fight Your Challenges; Embrace Them (no matter how hard)

It’s human nature to fight against any forces, real or imagined, physical or emotional, when things get challenging. Something I learned some time ago, when things get challenging with your horse – don’t fight it, SINK INTO IT. Embrace the challenge, feel it, surrender to it. And… even try to ENJOY IT.

Hummer has been very sick and as of late (liver disease), and he is not eating his regular hay or grain. Yesterday, I surrendered to the challenge before me, trying to find something that my once very muscular, but now very thin horse, would eat. I spent the day walking around with him, letting him find something, anything, that he would rip off, chew on and swallow. I felt no sense of time, no sense of self really. We actually had 3 beautiful walks, he was quite engaged in his pursuit of something that he thought he could stomach… and I SANK into the moment, I SURRENDERED into the experience and I thoroughly ENJOYED every detail of it. What could have been a very distressing and very frustrating day actually produced a lovely and very meaningful day with my mighty horse Hummer.

In my new videos that we are working on now, I have a short section on the power of SINKING into your challenges. Don’t fight them; there’s power in EMBRACING them and actually ENJOYING them.

When we resist a challenge and focus on the troubling aspects of it, my experience is that our minds become closed to the possibilities and insights that this situation has to offer. When we surrender to the experience and even look for the positivity in it, we become relaxed and our minds can become open to wisdom and even creative ideas to help us solve this specific challenge. Sinking into our challenges also help to put things into a more beneficial perspective – it can cause us to remember that ALL challenges with our horses are STILL a privilege… After all, it means that we are lucky enough to have horses in our lives.

Me & Hummer fun LNH website

FOOTNOTE: Hummer has passed.(Photo above) His body could no longer fight off infections and he became quite sick. We tried to bring him back, but he was not going to heal and so we helped him cross over before he suffered. The days leading up to and on the day of his planned passing, I surrendered myself to every moment with him and soaked up everything for all its worth. I am very saddened by his passing, but I have NO regrets about how we spent the last days together- totally present, totally WITH each other, mind, body and spirit. RIP, my friend.

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