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March 29, 2017

NEWS!!!! Relaxation Method – Videos and Book are Coming Soon!

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Leslie Nichols developed a Relaxation Method for horses and their owners over 10 years ago. These ideas were the result of working with countless very anxious and very stressed horses. Leslie Nichols realized that the most important thing that she needed to do with these horses was to help them relax and learn to trust again. Then, and only then, were they open to learning new ideas. Many of the ideas were presented and practiced at Liberty, and Equine Liberty Sports evolved from these early years.

In Leslie’s travels introducing horses owners to Liberty, she continually encountered horses that desperately needed to relax and she often added simple relaxation exercises to clinic demonstrations. Relaxation and the release of stress, as it turned out, was often a wonderful way to create a Liberty connection between horses and their owners.

Leslie Nichols decided to add the incredible dimension of relaxation to Equine Liberty Sports as a separate teaching method and lesson plan, which of course is a perfect complement to the philosophies of her Liberty teaching method. She has resurrected her Relaxation Method and has modernized it in many ways and is currently videotaping the exercises. Leslie will be presenting the ideas with equipment and at Liberty. She has also updated her decade old book (by a lot!). A pdf book will be offered with the videos. The Relaxation Response for Horses book, which is part 1 in the Relaxation Method, is over 125 pages! It is a very comprehensive presentation with lots of ideas and inspiration.

The videos and book will be released early summer – be on the look out for them. They will be released as DVDs, with a pdf that will be emailed to you, or the videos can be streamed on your computer, or smart phone, allowing you to take the lessons out to your horse.

IF YOU WANT TO RECEIVE ANNOUNCEMENTS ABOUT RELEASES AS WELL AS EARLY SPECIALS, Please write video information or announcements or something similar in the subject line. You will be added to a database to receive updates and announcements.

ALSO – CHECK OUT LESLIE’S LIBERTY DIARY blog which will be adding diary posts on all the ideas that we are working on for the Relaxation Method videos and book (and yes, a whole lot about Liberty too!).

September 4, 2013

Lesson 6!

Lesson 6, More Purpose, More Independence is in production! This tutorial features using obstacles to reinforce the change of direction Liberty Communication and the circle work advances to engagement and trotting on a slack line! The Liberty session in Lesson 6 takes a big leap! Look for a release at the beginning of October 2013!

September 29, 2012

Equine Liberty Sports is Down-Sizing! (Think miniature.)

Leslie Nichols is teaching Equine Liberty Sports to Bonaparte, a spunky miniature horse. Liberty training offers a whole new way to enjoy the more petite breeds such as ponies and minis, but as Leslie anticipated, she is making modifications in the lessons to accommodate their diminutive size. Look for Bonaparte’s video debut in Lesson 4, Magnetic Pull, Watch Me.

September 13, 2012

Equine Liberty Sports has a New Home!

Summer 2012, Equine Liberty Sports moved to Valle Del Sol Arabians in Rio Verde (Phoenix) Arizona. If we had paid a location scout to find a beautiful setting for the ELS tutorials… they could not have done better than this stunning ranch! Wow! Leslie’s horses are happy because they continue to live as a herd… not an easy requirement to fill in the pasture-challenged ranches of Phoenix, Arizona. Thank you Jacqueline and Michael Suleimann!

September 13, 2012

Tutorial Release Updates: Invitation to the Dance, Lesson 4: Magnetic Pull, Watch me

We are taping final scenes and editing has already started…. Lesson 4 will be available very soon! Check here on this website for announcements, as well as facebook: Equine Liberty Sports.

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