Get Your Horse’s attention at Liberty – Subtly, Creatively

You’ve heard the expression, you don’t have to shout at your horse, he will hear a whisper. The same can be said about getting your horse’s attention.

There’s little question that the stronger the connection between you and your horse, the more intently, the more frequently and the longer your horse pays attention to you. It’s his nature to be tuned into his socially bonded herd mate. However, getting your horse’s attention and holding it, is also a way towards creating a connection or deepening it. But, HOW you get your horse’s attention, when a bond is still being developed, is very important. It’s easy for a horse to misunderstand your intentions if you are too loud, too close, too insistent. Once a connection is there, you can be a bit bigger and louder (in a fun way) and not worry your horse or put him off in any way. But for very sensitive horses or horses that you are still becoming bonded with, the handler must be more subtle and more thoughtful in how they ask for their horse’s attention.

This short video clip shows a simple way to get your horse’s attention at Liberty – simply cross behind them, once or a few times. You can add talking to them or saying their name, to further get their attention. Very few horses can tune this out!

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