Helping our Horses can be as Simple as Breathing

Every day, every week, every month, every year that goes by, I am continually amazed to learn and relearn how powerful our breathing and breathing energy can be when we are with our horses.

I am getting horses ready for a long season of videotaping – we have all new material, lessons, exercises to bring to the public, and we are in the pre-production phases now. I am getting horses cleaned, detangled, bathed and more, in preparation. I brought out my rather fidgety, active horse Banjo to detangle his very long, very thick and very tangled mane. I tied him in my grooming area and he started moving around, not terribly so, not real concern, just a little antsy – just enough that it was getting hard to work on his mane with my finger tips. I stopped and stood next to him and began to breathe in and out, slowly and audibly. After a few breathes, he stopped moving. I continued to breathe in and out, relaxing my body, looking around as though I didn’t have a care in the world, and he continued to relax his body. In about a minute, he was resting a back leg. I resumed my work on his mane and continued to breathe audibly, and then was able to breathe normally, adding a long and slow breathe to the breathing “mix” every 30 seconds or so. He remained calm for the entire session, about an hour.

I have done this kind of thing so many times, with many of my horses, in many different kinds of situation, that I should not be surprised by now at how effective it is. But as I sat there working on his mane (which can be very enjoyable and relaxing- if Banjo is quiet enough to focus on it), I was struck, once again, at how powerful our breathing is when we are near our horses.

… on a fun, side note. Breathing can also be used to excite and stimulate our horses too! I’ve been playing with this in my Liberty play and it’s proving to be equally effective and fascinating.

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