Sometimes it’s Best (and more fun) to just Join In!

When I get my hay delivered, the truck has to go into the area where my horses live and then back up to the area where I keep my hay, where it is tossed and then stacked. The short video clip shows this well. Which means that every 6 weeks or so, a big rolling hay-buffet enters my horse’s area and a feast ensues. The horses know this truck very well and line up on either side and chow down.

I used to try to dissuade them from eating the hay (and yes occasionally they pull a hay bale off the truck), but I gave up on that years ago because the truck is just too rewarding for them.

In my previous post, I talked about the value of shared experiences. The hay truck is definitely a unique experience that we can share together – and it’s certainly better than trying to keep the horses away from the feast. And so, I often get in there and “eat” right along side my herd. Just another opportunity to bond – and a fun one as well!

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