The Equine Liberty SportsTM

On-line Teaching Program,

Classroom for the Modern Horse Owner!

While most horsemanship programs seek to solve relationship and training challenges, Equine Liberty Sports offers a new way to experience your horse, grow with your horse, and the sheer joy that comes with working and playing at Liberty.

Equine Liberty Sports presents a step-by-step lesson plan through on-line tutorials (35-50 min each) that are streamed on a private section of the website. New, full-length tutorials are released continually, on a regular schedule. Liberty Handlers can view these tutorials, and more, with the purchase of a 6-month subscription. Tutorials can be streamed and enjoyed immediately, and viewed as often as desired during your subscription period, on any computer and mobile device- take your lessons out to your horse! To find out more, go to Subscriptions.

In addition, short video lessons (and video fun!), written lessons, diagrams, helpful images and more are uploaded weekly on the Liberty Handlers Arena, a private section of the website for subscribers only.

The Equine Liberty Sports teaching program is a step-by-step comprehensive program that blends both art and science, as style and feel are combined with classical conditioning to create deep and permanent learning. From the very first lesson, all activities are designed to cause the transition to Liberty to go naturally and effortlessly. For more information, go to Overview of Equine Sports Teaching Program, 3 Phases.


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You cannot control your horse without lines… you must inspire your horse! The principles of Equine Liberty Sports may cause you to rethink the horse–human connection, entirely. The transformation is nothing short of miraculous!

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