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Jo Ann Porto, USA “You have opened up a new world for all horse owners. You demonstrated and taught an entirely new approach to training and bonding with a horse... your program needs to be mandatory for all horse trainers. Your program teaches what comes natural to a horse and in turn the rewards are off the charts. Everyone who wants to raise the level of training and bonding with their horse must watch your videos. It was such an eye opener. "

Gary Foutch, USA “Well, well, well. After 1 full week of "Be with Me" exercises in the large arena (not the round pen) I'm beginning to see a different horse. She's playful, almost "frolicking" for a period of time we're together. It's pretty cool really and I haven't seen this before. I think a higher level of bonding is underway- I like it."

Laurie Lee, USA “To be honest, without naming other liberty programs that I've tried to adhere to, I have found yours to allow me to make the most progress with my horse. Your program has the detail I needed to do it the right way with her!”

Leanne Cameron, New Zealand “I love the shift in thinking that you are driving! Nothing like another person’s take on things to make you consider your own. You’ve helped me realize that I was being more dominant than I thought, and once I let go of those ideas… wow!

Mike Daniels, USA “I’m focusing on your “Be with Me” and follow me principle for the first time and asking instead of telling. You got me looking and listening to my horses with a whole new perspective."

Claudia Rutherford, USA “I just watched my first liberty video. I can’t tell you how excited I am... (others) tell me I am spoiling my horse or disparaging my dominance over her. I couldn’t disagree more. I don’t need dominance; I need my partner. Thanks for showing that this is ok.”

Narelle Barlow, Australia "Thanks to you, I am finally going to change direction and follow my heart, and find that place in the horse’s spirit where I always wanted to be... I have learned so much from you already. Where you go with a horse, what you do and how you do– it resonates perfectly with me. It is truly beautiful to watch you in action. I look forward to the journey I am about to take with you.”

Jeanne Conradie, South Africa “I just love what you say and think. So WOW, thank you. I’m totally in awe of what you do and how you see our equine friends.”

Rita Clements, USA “I just want to share that I have viewed and put into action Lesson 1: Be with Me, Come to Me. It is so refreshing to be relaxed and actually having fun. I don't want to call it training, the ideas that come to mind with that word are not pleasant for either horse or human. The main title is "Invitation To The Dance,” truly a fitting title! I do not have a lot of experience with being at liberty, but from what I have learned and see in changes with my gelding, Joker, I am ecstatic to say that we have made more progress in a few short sessions than I ever expected! Joker has had some mishandling in his earlier years and to see his relaxed state becoming more prominent is an answer to prayer!”

Michaelyn Born, USA “I am not experienced – but the insight you share is really just what I need and so does our horse. I know we will grow as a team –I love your style and philosophy. I think you are wise and you're "way" just makes so much sense to me.”


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Les and Bonaparte walking
Les and Bonaparte walking
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